Omega 7 Benefits: See How It Can Boost Health


Omega 7 is a part of the Omega fatty acids family. However, despite its "cousins", Omega 3 and Omega 6, this one is not very known as it has been discovered more recently than the other two and has been quite controversial due to it dualism, speaking of a composition. More about this fact and Omega 7 benefits, you'll learn from this article. See how Omega 7 can boost health.

Omega 7 - Palmitoleic acid Vs. Palmitic acid

First, you should know that Omega 7 is naturally occurring in foods such as meat, sea buckthorn cheese, nuts, and even in breast milk. However, it is made of two distinct acids, namely, the palmitoleic acid and the palmitic acid.

The palmitic acid has been discovered to be hazardous and one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, weight gain, and metabolic disorders.

On the other hand, palmitoleic acid has been shown during several studies as being very beneficial for humans' health.

Thus, how can you get only the best part of omega 7?

According to the studies in this regard, the palmitoleic acid is residual, meaning that it is not quite a main component in omega 7, therefore, it can be extracted completely without harming the beneficial effects of palmitoleic acid.

This procedure is known as purification and the outcome is a purified Omega 7 fatty acid.

To obtain such a purified Omega 7 form, the best solution is to opt for an Omega 7 supplement since, naturally, the omega 7 fatty acids found in foods contain both types of components, thus, any excess might diminish the benefits of palmitoleic acid, while increasing the damages in the body conducted by the palmitic acid.

Omega 7 Benefits: See How It Can Boost Health

Omega 7 supplements for Weight Loss

As in the case of its "cousins", Omega 3 and 6, Omega 7 fatty acids are also beneficial in regulating the fats storage in the body, as well as supporting a healthy digestion and metabolic function.

Besides, Omega 7 has the beneficial effect of suppressing cravings more than anything else, therefore, is really helpful in weight loss diets.

Also, it has been proved during various studies that this type of fats, that is Omega 7 fatty acids, is absolutely beneficial in reducing the inflammation in the body by regulating the c-Reactive protein production, one of the main causes for inflammation which, at its turn, might expose us to serious diseases, including heart diseases and even cancer.

Omega 7 is beneficial in diabetes

Another great beneficial effect of omega 7 fatty acids is the relation they have with insulin and blood sugar levels.

Omega 7 is beneficial in diabetes because it is able to regulate the glucose levels in the blood and the insulin secretion. Besides, it can increase the body's natural sensitivity to insulin, therefore, is very helpful for patients with diabetes.

Nonetheless, omega 7 is also helpful in the prevention of diabetes.

Omega 7 lowers bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol

As we all know by now, bad cholesterol or LDL forms plaques on blood vessels and may trigger, over time, cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, the good cholesterol or HDL is capable of eliminating the LDL from the blood vessels.

Ideally, for a healthy circulatory system, HDL levels should be high, while the LDL ones should be low.

This is exactly what Omega 7 supplements do.

The Bottom Line

As I've explained above, Omega 7 is a natural product found in some types of foods but mainly in sea buckthorn, meat, cheese, and breast milk. However, its made of palmitoleic acid, which is healthy and beneficial, and palmitic acid, which is quite harmful for our health as it can trigger many illnesses, especially cardiovascular diseases.

In conclusion, to avoid an overdose of palmitoleic acid, is, therefore, recommended to take your omega 7 fatty acids from Omega 7 supplements because these products have undergone the purification process which eliminated the hazardous palmitic acid.